Landscaping despite Drought

If you are living with drought then there is really a need for you to cut down your consumption of water especially in home and including your garden. This might be very difficult for other to digest because as we all know, plants, just like human beings and animals, need water in order for them survive, bear fruits and produce flowers. But, luckily, we are here to give some tips and tricks on how to save water. Aside from that, hiring a professional for landscaping in Brentwood TN is also a helpful idea since they know exactly how to care for your landscape despite drought. Here are some of our ideas:


If you want to lower the maintenance level of your garden then choose plants that are of different textures and shapes and beautiful mulches because in this way, you can choose plants that are far less demanding than the others. There are even plants that only needs to be watered a few months per year and the other remaining months, you can already turn of your irrigation system because they have their own way of acquiring water to sustain their life as plants. But, if you have fruit bearing trees then there is really no way that you could hold down your irrigation system because they are the kind of trees that really needs to be watered consistently to produce fruit for you and your family.

You can also pick out some grass that can be used as an alternative for your lawn, for example the Myoporum parvifolium which has the color of Rich Green naturally and it is very pleasing to the eyes. The only that you have to watch for this is that this does not stand traffic so you need to place these on the sites where there are no one who is consistently stepping on it like the entrance, pathway and exit.

Shade trees are also a good idea for this dilemma of drought and they are also able to shield your house from extreme heat especially in the summer months where it is very hot and Mr. Sun is always shining right above us. They use very high amount of water but they are not demanding which means that you only have to water them every once in a while and when there is drought in your garden, there is no need for you to worry about them because they sleep when it is dry.

Another tip for you is leaving out some open space in your yard because this will save you the total area of your yard that is going to need water. You can instead replace plants with sandstone, boulders, statues or other things that does not need water. This is a very clear way on how to save water during drought. Also, if you put stone slabs with pebbles on it particularly Mexican beach pebbles, they will create a path and that means that there is no need for you to plant another set of plants in the area because these slabs and pebbles already occupied the vacant space.

If you are planning to put Citrus plants, then that is a wonderful idea because they have their own irrigation schedule which means that you will not be watering them consistently.



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